This is a wiki project to gather online fanfiction based on the Canadian animated TV series, Total Drama, which is a "show within a show" that parodies reality television. Total Drama premiered in its native Canada on Teletoon in 2007, and premiered in most of the rest of the world in 2008.

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The Featured Story for August is...

Castaway Island, by 1dra7!

The first season of Dra's aptly named "Castaway Island" series, this story features 12 castaways stranded on the large island just off the coast. Character development, idols, and secret messages for the wiki's users are all afloat in this story. Congraulations, Dra!

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The Featured Characters for August are...

Harvey and Daniella, created by 1dra7!

Featured together for "Friendship Day", Harvey and Daniella's alliance was their friendship, as they helped each other through the game. As you read their story, it will become obvious that one is nothing without the other, and that's what friendship is. Congratulations, Dra!

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The Featured Quote for August is...

"OHF,” Cap’n Sally replies bitterly. “A ginormous whale...I call her…Blaineley.”

“Wait like Blaineley the former contestant...?” Jovi asks.

“Ay,” Cap’n Sally replies. “Because they’re both divas. ...OHF had a bounty and I was trying to cash in, but when hunting the troll it did something horrible…”

“Ate your hand?” Sierra asks.

“Yes,” Cap’n Sally replies. “But she did something far worse…she tricked me into…investing in a time share!”

Sierra and Julie gasp, holding each other in fear.

“That’s awful!” Sierra states.

“So wait, did the whale eat your hand?” Courtney asks

--from Total Drama What The Heck?, by Rhonda the stalker fan!
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The Featured User for August is...


SpaceWeather, commonly known as Space, has been on the wiki since the beginning of 2013 and is currently a chat mod. He's known for being nice and friendly to all users and mediating conflicts on chat, and he has his own story, called Total Drama Relocated. Congratulations, Space!

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The Featured Image for August is...


This is the image of Hippo, a minor character featured in various chapters of Total Drama: Superstar Showdown who happens to be quite the hipster. It was drawn by Toadgamer80; congratulations, Toad!

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